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About Us

We, here at DataGrasp believe students represent the single most untapped resource with the highest potential in the commercial world.

Students, especially those from technical STEM backgrounds such as statistics, data science and computer science, oftentimes graduate from their undergraduate and postgraduate educations degrees as some of the brightest talents, having learnt some of the most ground-breaking techniques in their respective fields. Many of these students usually have great analytical mindsets and are armed with top-notch technical skillsets, but still struggle to find their way in today’s ever-competitive job market.

University students today are more career-focused than their predecessors, and spend more time on activities such as attending career fairs, networking with industry professionals and applying for jobs. Yet, they still find themselves struggling to land a graduate job. The major contributing factor to this lies in the fact that many advertised jobs today require prior experience, even for roles that have historically been graduate-level jobs. Knowing that they need to garner experience before they graduate, many students choose to engage in roles of responsibility in their university’s clubs and societies, to complement their academic credentials.

Yet, these experiences are rarely relevant to the roles that many STEM graduates eventually recruit for. Unfortunately, even those who look beyond for more relevant experiences find it difficult to navigate the system. Thus, these students, though talented, get trapped in a vicious cycle.

All this happens, while in the background, data is growing in terms of both velocity and veracity, and only firms that are able to utilize them appropriately will gain an upper-hand in the arms-race for commercial supremacy. In the Age of Big Data, firms are increasingly in need of affordable and bright talent resources, especially STEM graduates. 

The solution then appears to be simple. Engage STEM students from top universities on technical, commercial projects with high-performing start-ups and established corporates. This solves both problems by providing STEM students with exciting term-time work experience and also develops their soft skills, as well as providing firms with the access to top-notch academic talent who are able to apply their exciting learnings onto real-world problems. This is exactly what DataGrasp has done.

Our Mission Statement

“Overcome supply-demand
mismatch of technical talent
in the world of data science.”

Our History

DataGrasp is a non-profit data consultancy that was co-founded in January 2019 with the aim of bridging the gap in the supply and demand of technical talent in the London professional market.

In the following couple of months, the team designed the current operating model, as well as sourced key partnerships with advisers as well as student organisations.

In March 2019, DataGrasp saw immense progress and were successful in sourcing their first clients.

The next two months saw the establishment of other key partnerships with professors, university faculties and student organisations across 4 of London’s top universities including Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) and London Business School (LBS). A number of other industry professional also joined the team in the capacity as advisers and project mentors.

In June 2019, DataGrasp officially launched its first project cycle along with its social media platforms, with the first project commencing in the summer of 2019 (completed in Sept 2019).